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I think he may be speaking of this classification

Canada's System (last updated March 19 /2011)

In Canada, this is how firearms / replica firearms / Airsoft guns / air guns are classified: (reference: CBSA Memorandom D19-13-2 pages 8-16)
Air (Toy) Gun :
There is no official definition for an "air gun" in Canada's legislation. But for the most part, an air gun is a barrelled device that does NOT resemble a real firearm. Its projectile must NOT be able to cause serious bodily harm. These devices are not considered firearms. (Daisy / Crosman air guns, and Airsoft guns with clear bodies, etc ). If you have an air gun that does resemble a real firearm closely, it could be classified as a replica firearm depending on muzzle velocity and muzzle energy (see below).
Replica Firearm:
A device that resembles a real firearm but cannot fire a projectile, or its projectile cannot cause serious bodily harm. Replica firearms are prohibited devices (most AEG's and GBB pistols). Prohibited devices are not the same things as prohibited firearms.
A barrelled device firing a projectile able to cause serious bodily harm. For CBSA's purpose, all firearms are separated into either controlled firearms, or un-controlled firearms.
A firearm with muzzle velocity above 500 FPS AND muzzle energy above 5.7 Joules. Serial number, registration, Firearm Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) are required to import / purchase and possess any controlled firearms
A firearm with muzzle velocity below 500 FPS OR muzzle energy below 5.7 Joules. There is no serial number, registration, license or permit required to import / purchase / own such un-controlled firearms.

Serious Bodily Harm:
A 0.2g 6mm Airsoft BB at 407FPS or higher is able to cause serious bodily harm. (Ref: CBSA Memorandom D19-13-2, Page 15)
Fact :
A 0.2g 6mm Airsoft BB at 785FPS generates a muzzle energy of 5.7 Joules. As calculated by the Airsoft FPS / Energy Calculator .
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