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It's just more stupid shit from California, the left-most left-coast state.

We don't need laws to keep dumb people from doing dumb shit. Let them do the dumb shit, then take them out of the gene pool. Fuck, we didn't have HALF the stupid laws in place we do now when I was a kid, and the streets didn't run red with blood. Dumb kids hurt themselves or got hurt. Then they either learned not to be dumb or went on to a prosperous career of packing groceries.

I read about a study a couple of weeks back. It stated, essentially, that ADD and ADHD are linked to a lack of free play by children. By taking away the freedom for kids to self-regulate and make mistakes, we've broken a part of their brains in the formative years that allows them to FOCUS on things.

Like, FOCUS, as in PAY ATTENTION to RISK and be prepared to REACT. Why bother, when all the risks are removed?

Let your kids play with chainsaws, plastic bags and car batteries in the bathtub. If they live through it she'll be fucktons ahead of the curve.
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what if it model after his?
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