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A new old(er) guy.

Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I have played a few informal airsoft games with lousy wally world guns and a bunch of good friends..time to UPGRADE! Still mostly a newbie though.

I've been doing lots of research on retailer websites, the youtube stuff, and my (relatively local) Edmonton forums, and finally ran across this one. Will definitely need to get A/V'd soon and looking to purchase my first AEG and some kit. I've already found most of my safety gear and now its time for the fun stuff. Looking forward to chatting with ya all, and hopefully soon shooting at ya too.

Name: Kim
Callsign: Varjeal
Age: (Born 1973 I really don't wanna type the actual number)
Prefered Style of Play: whatever it takes to shoot the other guy and not get hit
Location: Camrose, Alberta
Gun: cheap garbage at the moment, but truly addicted now.
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