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Has Anybody Heard of Asia Electric Gun Before?

As the title states, has anyone heard of Asia Electric Gun before; a store opened up in P-mall that is the exclusive dealer for these guns. I'm thinking about buying an M4 from them as it is full metal and only ~$250-260. Research I have done on the company and the guns they make reveals a wide spread between the company being a reincarnation of JG in HK with better quality control to a company that puts together rifles from parts made by JG, D-boys, etc. The few reviews of guns made by "AEG" (seems like these guys are pretty "punny") depict the overall quality of the rifle as "decent" with only minor replacements such as better airseals and such. Under the assumption that the company utilises JG parts or is JG with better QC, I'd like to ask whether or not it is a viable option as older posts about JG indicate low QC, parts breaking easily, etc. whereas newer posts about JG seem to indicate that they have stepped up QC and durability is moderate. The gun comes stock with a full metal reciever and outer barrel assembly, plastic handguards and retractable stock, metal carry handle, full metal internals, and fires 430 FPS although the store owner is willing to downgrade to the original spring for free because as Latency and other people like to say, "400 FPS is a limit not a goal" and accuracy and range of the gun is more dependant on type of barrel, hop up, and quality of ammunition. I assume that much of the metal is pot metal that is most likely inferior to the polymer that G&G uses, but hopefully better than ABS plastic.

In conclusion, there is not much information I have on this gun other than what I have seen for myself and information I have garnered from other reviews. Questions I would like to ask are: whether or not the internals on the rifle are decent and if it seems like a good deal. Also, based on the SR16 review, I assume that they have reinforced V2 gearboxes, but I remember reading that any V2 gearbox will break regardless of it being reinforced or not, is this a common occurence or something that happens after years of use. Also, do metal recievers have the tabs or not because that may mean I need to get one of those gearboxes with holes near the hop up for ease of maintenance, but I may be mistaken for where the lube holes are.

Sources and other reviews I have found:

Asia electric gun - Filipino Airsoft (FAS) - Forum (go down to post #8)

Asia Electric Guns P90 - Review - Zero In - Airsoft Forums

Official website:
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