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Originally Posted by TacWolf View Post
Yeah, I had a 'full stock' on my clearsoft, it never really appealed to me as much though, I was actually looking into getting a new stock for it, when I realised it wouldn't work with my battery. My intention is, that when I run out of battery, I'll bring out my clearsoft pistol and sort of, hold them at bay while I put in a new one.
It really depends on how you shoot though. If you like to lay down suppression fire and hose things down you might be changing a Large 3000 mAh battery twice in a day. On the other hand if you're a DMR or use directed point fire then a mini 800 mAh battery might last you the entire day. BUT it is always better to have a bigger capacity than you need....

Maybe look at getting your rifle front wired and putting the battery into a PEQ box in the front.

Classic army is a fine choice and their QC has greatly improved since their old days back in 2004. I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up if I were in the market for an M4 and it was the right price and whats available. That said, I'm in the market for an AK at the moment and I've narrowed it down to either building up a V3 gearbox from scratch and tossing it into a G&P body, getting my hands on an RS T56, or possibly go the Classic route and get a Daytonagun and running an HPA setup.

There's so many options but as a newbie it's probably best to get something "standard" that you can run straight out of the box, and figuring things out slowly.
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