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I think I'm going to get an M15A4 Carbine, not the Tactical because of the full stock and it's GBB, I dislike full stocks, especially when I'm not going to need a bigger battery if I'm not going airsofting outside (I usually only play 2 or 3, 45 min rounds), it's possible to get rails put on this thing right? would I just have to order them? I only want rails for the left side, and bottom. (TacFlash and Masterkey or a grip) and I do love the G36c, but I just can't see myself enjoying playing with one, it's too.. bulky? that along with the Famas, but sniper rifles are roughly $1000?!!? Cheezus, maybe sniping won't be that badass anyway. but I gotta get back to work been sitting here for like an hour trying to figure out what to say. x] , I'll finish this when I get home!
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