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Wow, that's what I want now, I've made up my mind, M15 ftw. what would be the price tag for that beauty, without the mods, and my Price range is about $ 600-700 saved up from working, and birthday gifts, so i'll think I'll be safe as far as money goes, keep in mind, I'm not experienced enough to go outdoor airsofting just YET, but I do go CQB airsofting once in awhile at this place called Xtreme Tactics (45 min rounds, but I usually play 2 or 3), and the kraken did indeed get destroyed, which is why I need a new gun. keep in mind, my A-TAC ACU pants and shirt are on their way, My brothers vest was left behind when he moved, and I already had a marpat BDU and an all black BDU. All I need, would be a better mask than the one I already have, gloves, knee pads, gun, gun accessories and boots. so it really should only come to about $ 1000-1200. atleast that's my assumption from the prices I've seen in some stores around here.
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