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Originally Posted by TacWolf View Post
@SuperCriollo -I cant see myself playing with a P90, although I've heard its a decent gun, I'd probably rather put my money into something I'll enjoy using more. But thanks anyway.

Thanks again guys, gonna keep on saving- and laugh at someone I know who is trying to import an Echo1 E90 and fails to realise it will more then likely be seized. I dont like them much, so I wont inform them of this

A P90 is a very unique gun that is an "aquired taste"

I advise getting either:


These are the most popular models and with reason, especially the M4.
It has basically an infinite number of accessories and upgrade choice, can be made longer or shorter to fit anyones size and they perform very well. Most players will be rocking the M4 so you can grab mags if you run out of ammo.

The AK series has the best gear box design out of those three and also has a large number of accessories available.

MP5 are great for players of smaller stature and for those looking for shorter CQB guns. They also have alot of accessories available, but because they use a smaller mag can they can not hold the amount of ammo that an AR or AK mag can.

I suggest you watch this video:

YouTube - ‪Redwolf Airsoft - Redwolf Tactical Episode 01 - "9 Things You Should Know About Grunts"‬‏

Hope some of that helps, feel free to keep posting your questions.
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