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Originally Posted by TacWolf View Post
@SuperCriollo -I cant see myself playing with a P90, although I've heard its a decent gun, I'd probably rather put my money into something I'll enjoy using more. But thanks anyway.

Thanks again guys, gonna keep on saving- and laugh at someone I know who is trying to import an Echo1 E90 and fails to realise it will more then likely be seized. I dont like them much, so I wont inform them of this
Personally I like the AR platform of rifles such as the M4 cause it's widely customizable to suit many different situations, whether it is for CQB or for outdoors. I also like the G36 line as well with the many accessories that is out for it as well as you can always get handguard + barrel set and interchange them as you please to suit different situations and tastes as well. Also an MP5 is pretty fun too
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