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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Ehh, as tempting as that is, stay pro, bro. Even the biggest dumbasses have friends who might be customers and if you can get the guy to say, "Yeah, I fucked up, but they took care of me," you're probably going to get a bit of good feedback.

Pretty much doing exactly that.

Fortunately there are so few returns or problems its not hard looking after you guys - I've comp'd BBs and replaced product due to things like split bags or other mostly delivery problems. The odd time I've swapped out weights. I guess I am used to the customer base in southern Ontario who largely know what they want and why. Since BBB has gone into other markets (ie: US/Europe/Asia) I am getting some really weird communications of late. I expected some challenges but customer education was not one I anticipated. I've have guys with Droidz that Russian full auto BB sprayer ask for product as well, but its such a small market.
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