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No retailer sells snipers. That's illegal and you could get charged for human trafficking

First, ask yourself what your budget is then pick a gun that falls into that budget.

I'd say $450 is around where you want to be for a first "real" AEG. The Kraken is alright (as you should know), fairly hit and miss in terms of quality, and decently gameable but outclassed by better quality guns. Kind of like the difference between those cars for kids who are like 6-8 (clearsoft), an entry level car like a Yaris or Echo (Kraken), a more midend car like a Corolla or Matrix (lower end China clones), upper mid end car like a Camry (mid end china clones), tuned cars like the Chaser (upgraded chinaclone/high quality gun), then flagship cars like the Avalon, IS300, Ferrari or Jag (PTW's, GBBR's and the like).

You can race them all but the clearsoft is totally outclassed by everything else (it would probably die midway through the 1/2 mile). The kraken will do decently well but still get beaten most of the time (unless the driver is awesome and the Ferrari driver sucks at driving).

So yeah $450 is the place I'd start at budget wise. Pick something you like and read reviews on which company makes the best rifle at the price point you're looking at.

PS: If I were you I'd go M4/16 but the G36 gearbox is pretty common as well (it's a V3 IIRC so shares same internals as the AK) but M4 has the most external accessories, and internal upgrades and such.
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