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OP: I highly doubt you're 36 like you say. If you are then please write coherently and think about replies before posting. Also use the edit button instead of bumping the thread up by making 3 replies in a row.

Also take note that ASC has a long memory. Please try not to make a fool of yourself.

A stock VSR will get the same effective range as a regular AEG. Once you add aftermarket parts like Laylax, PDI, EdGI, etc. it'll start to outrange regular AEG's but you're looking at dumping at minimum $600 into your rifle to achieve even a fraction of that.

Also I believe Stalker and Amos both play with rifles that shoot at 400 and use .36's or something to that effect. FPS isn't everything, you also need flight stability and to be consistent with your shots (no use in using a pistol to try and snipe someone from across the field, use a rifle instead). In airsoft terms an M4 left stock except with an upgraded spring will not outrange nor will it be more accurate than the same M4 with upgraded compression unit, Hop up unit/bucking, barrel that shoots at stock speeds (say 330 for sake of argument). There are in fact some people who are in the "300 club" that play with stock springs (basically 1 Joule and under).
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