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The Japanese KSC have nice deep engraved trades but are meant only for duster/HFC134a

The Taiwan KSC/KWA have the same trades as the Japanese one and is meant to take Green Gas/propane and actually have different internals compared to the Japanese version.

The American KWA which is under the Umarex label have trades but not as pretty and as accurate as the asian versions. It uses the same internal system as the Taiwan one but made of a different material.

The body IIRC was made of a Polymer material cant quite remember what it was called. It's nice and thick so it can take a beating and the worse you're gonna get is a scratch or a dent. I dropped mine on the ground once and all the body had was a few nicks and scratches.

You also kinda answered your own question KSC is KWA so it should fit.
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