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Let's break it down

To be able to call in "chopper gunners" you need to spend over $1000 in your "sniper". For ac-130's you need to machine your own parts (noobie is one example). Nuke is making a rifleable bb without killing anybody..

The following are in "american" dollars, and was how much I've spent so far
Zero trigger ~$200
Edgi 430mm barrel ~$70
gspec $150
barrel spacers $15
Muzzle adaptor ~$15
"silencer" $15
Raven cylinder/cylinder head $100
Vacuum piston $56
PDI piston end $26
Pdi vacuum spring guide $16
PDI 360% $26
Scope $130-$70 (overstock credit)
Bucking $10

... I don't want to add it up because it will make me feel worse... considering this is only one of my guns...

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