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@slink182 -Thanks

@SuperCriollo -Thats true, but a few people who would like to play in my area don't want to spend the money on even getting clearsoft (though they were keen to tell me to get the G36C because it looks cool.) Would be able to use my Clearsoft rifle while I used my 'new' one (and borrow some eye protection of course).

@Eeyore -Sounds like a good idea. My rifle already broke several times, but it should hold up for a few months.

@The Chad -Well, I'm a girl so neither.

Thanks for the advice everyone, its much apreciated. I think I will save up some more money and get a better quality one, but so I won't have to ask this all over again in a few months, once I have more money, what gun from either of the two suppliers would you reccomend?

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