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Originally Posted by Slow View Post
Are you from Manitoba? IF so, are you talking about Lowshots?
He said Halifax in the first post....

Personally if it's run right (like EASY, Lowshotz, or Ambush) I have no problem with playing alongside minors (if they're like TacWolf or 3 or 4 other minors who are respectful, read the FAQ's, and all that). Although there are some times when you just want an 18+ day/night (which is fair enough, just book a private session or have a set 18+ day). I'd draw the line at 24+ hour milsims though. I for one would likely be complaining (a lot) if I was 16 and doing a 24+ hour milsim (at 18, doing a milsim like that, maybe but after my Austria trip I'll just press on, have fun, and get some cool stories to tell people).
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