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Some Advice?

I sort of got into airsoft.. sorry CLEARsoft because a lot of my friends played it. I became very popular with my M4 AEG from Canadian Tire.. or was it WalMart.
A week or so after buying it, I came on here and realised that Clearsoft was -blegh-. For a year or two though I didn't have any money. Recently, I've done some saving and picked up all my gear (All In DPM (combats, webbing, holsters, boots ect...) because Im British)
I have money left over to pick up a decent gun, we're talking around $300, decent, not the best, but better then clearsoft.

I could probably save up more and buy a way better gun, but I'm under 18, and won't be playing any big games for a while. Just small things in the local yards, and bigger things with some friend a while away.

So in some ways you could say I've done it the other way round, brought all the gear first, and then the rifle.

But I can't decide what rifle to get. I live in the Halifax area,
so really its something at either-

I know I want a sort of AEG M4/M16 like thing for (as previously stated) around $300, but if you think I should wait a little longer, I can probably get up to $400 (but this would HAVE to include the battery).

I play in the local area, so woods and shooting across grass. No CQB.
I know I'm under 18, but I can assure you that me and my friends play very safely.
So I'd really apreciate some help picking out a rifle,
I was leaning towards the SRC SR4 RIS (Army Navy link), I was looking at the Kings Arms Colt M4A1 Full, but I heard Kings Arms has had some magizine feed issues.
Which reminds me, metal would be preferred, unless you can convince me otherwise.

So if any of you can give me a hand, that would be great.
Thanks in Advance.
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