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Kusco disapearing during transaction

So tuesday night i sent kusco money to purchase a pdw. i sent him enough money for express post, and told him i needed it by friday. he said he would ship it the next day. Wednesday afternoon i received a message from kusco saying he ran out of packing tape and would ship it thursday. i was a little worried that i wouldnt recieve it by today (friday) but since i ordered magazines from somewhere else which were shipped wednesday and i received them thursday i was feeling a little better. Here comes the problem since wednesdays message that he ran out of tape i have not received any mesaages or heard from him at all i have emailed him and tried contacting him on here. I am wondering if anyone knows of his whereabouts or has his phone number. Im only posting this now because i spent the extra money to have this for the weekend.

Ok is anyone on here friends with him i need to call him or something i need his phone number if you have it

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