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Originally Posted by Mister Donut View Post
Hi, thanks for the reply. I've already got an AEG....haha, and it's a wallhanger since I've never played, but I was just wondering out of sheer curiosity if the trend is going towards GBBs.

It seems like the prices for them have dropped drastically so since they're more accessible that before, are more and more people using them? I remember the prices of mags was stupid expensive for these.
Well it could. I'm not sure of the future. I'd say probably not. AEG's have saturated the market and for now they'll be the mainstay. Maybe in 10 years there might be 30-40% of players running GBBR's but for now the majority is still AEG.

It does seem to trend towards that however but they would need a lot more support and knowledge built around them.

Think of it this way. Between technology A (TA), technology B (TB), and technology C (TC). TA came out first (this is your old school classic airsoft with remote lines and tanks), TB "revolutionized" the overall game/technology and because it had a good 15+ year run a lot of knowledge was built around making it better via aftermarket parts and incremental design improvements, TC comes along and it's "cool" but just doesn't have the built up "tacit knowledge" surrounding it to make those incremental improvements, for a bunch of companies to figure out the design and how to make it better and gain a great amount of market share for the time being. I suspect that you'll probably see ~25-30% of players using them 5 years from now and market share will go up, possibly to around 50/50 mix overall. Does that make sense?

PS: I'm planning on going the classic airsoft route myself, maybe grab a GBBR if it proves itself to be awesome but for now my AEG will do.
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