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Originally Posted by hkd2011 View Post
Hi, I live in Waterloo, Ontario. Has anyone ordered a airsoft gun through the USA(california) before? I was wondering if the Canadian custom will allow it through? I plan to order it online from Airsplat and have it shipped over. thanks for the help.
The short answer is no. The longer more accurate answer is it is possible depending on the specific model, the mood of the agent, what colour of under wear he or she is wearing that day, where you live in Canada, the number of vowels in your name and a plethora of other details.

I suggest you read this:

And in the future its always a good idea to look in the faq before asking a question here on ASC. Ignoring the fact that they have all been asnwered many times before, the best reason is that there is alot of info in the faq's that likely won't be repeated to you unless you ask very specific questions.

If you are an adult and you get age verified there are other steps you can take to make it easier to self import airsoft. That being said no one will inform you how to do it unless you are proven to be an adult.

Its nothing personal just our community rules.


Edit: I will now just allow Ritz to be my mouth piece as he has become very good at it.
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