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I would agree DEATH2000 there is nothing wrong with buying a used gun IF you know what you are looking for. This was my problem I was eager to save money so I went the used route and not knowing what to look for, the gun looked good and worked. Then as I started learning more and taking the thing apart there were a couple problems, nothing serious but not stated by the buyer. If I could do it all over again I wouldve bought brand new but what is done is done. As a newbie I would recommend to other newbies to say stay away from used untill you have a better understanding on how the guns work and what you would need to look for. Make your first gun a new gun and learn it. And if you do go the used route I would suggest going with what DEATH2000 said.. Put your hands on the gun (but treat it like a lady . There is a lot you can not see in a picture.
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