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so today was the first time CP managed to screw up royally. i ordered a few parts from airsoftparts. now i order a lot of stuff from airsoftparts so i know its fast shipping, usually the next day.

i wake up today expecting to see my package. i go upstairs, nothing. there's no slip in the mailbox to suggest they might have came in the morning and i didn't hear the doorbell or my parents signed for me. nothing. so i check the tracking number and it says successfully delivered. at this point i'm freaking out.

i email airsoftparts just to make sure they got my address right and of course they did. they tell me sometimes CP screws up the tracking and the item will arrive soon. so i decide to wait.

a few hours later, a man shows up at my door, hands me my package and says they delivered it to his house and his wife signed thinking he ordered something. it was still in its original packaging and unopened.

thank god for honest people. the mailing address on the package was correct. airsoftparts never messes up. so how the heck does the person who delivered it go to a house with a number that DOES NOT MATCH THE ADDRESS ON THE PACKAGE?! there are immigrants who have just arrived in this country and barely speak the language who work for delivery services and yet they can get the address right. i know this because my family used to own a restaurant and we used delivery services.

i have a g36c coming next week. i hope that this doesn't happen again or i will go hulk smash all their candy asses.
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