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Goggles + Mesh lower face mask + ???

I recently purchased the Joker face mask from Evike honestly due to the sheer outrageous presence it might have out on the (CQB) field.

After my first match, I was shot just about the mask (high forehead) and blood began to poor down my face creeping ever-so-quickly to my eye. Now, I finished the match, and to answer your question I did not call my hit as this was a shot fired by a team mate. Awesome right?

Anyway, I decided to keep the mask/goggles but simply use the goggles along with a recently purchased lower face mask. Now, my question to you guys is what would you recommend I use for the top potion of my head. I wore a beanie under the joker mask which obviously did nothing.

I'm asking for recommendations here, based on experience and simply just personal preference. I'd like to know what has worked for you.
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