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Originally Posted by tactical legend View Post
Hi, I'm sorta new to this site, but not to airsoft and combat sports. I've played paintball for about 2 years and have owned an airsoft gun for about the same time. Now, the problem is that I'm 16 years old, which by your standards is an "unsafe age". I assure you that my safety and common-sense are on par with any one of you, so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue with anyone. So here it goes: Does anyone know of an outdoor field (preferably wooded) that is relatively close to Toronto? Only helpful advice or rational criticism please, I don't want to hear how I'll "ruin the sport of airsoft in canada" or "wait until you're 18 kid" because despite the majority of people my age, I am not stupid, nor do I do stupid things. So save your chirps for some other fool who doesn't know anything about airsoft.

It is not possible for a person to asses their own maturity level, as it is a subjective measure by others.

I have on rare occasions allowed underage players, 16 is the minimum age.
for your first appearance you must bring a parent or legal guardian who must stay for the entire session and sign off on a informed consent.

I know it sucks being considered "too young" .. you will be "too young" for 2 more years.. then you will spend the rest of your life being "too old"
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