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Evike shipping problems.

Hi there, not sure if any of you have run across this or not but I needed to vent.

I ordered 2 springs from Evike on April 22 and they were only able to ship me a partial order of 1 spring as the other was not in stock. I was ok with that and received it no problem.

Today I ordered a new motor for my aeg and called them asking if they could ship out my other spring that is now in stock and put my motor with it so I don't have to pay for shipping twice. The person I talked to apologized to me saying that they don't combine orders even to the same place it's going.

I explained to him that that policy is total garbage and all it is doing is making your customers pay you more for shipping. They charged me 20$ to ship 2 small springs which seems ludacris but now I have to pay them even more to have my spring and motor that will more than likely ship out the same day, in 2 different packages.

I guess using common sense isn't used as much as I had hoped.
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