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2. I've noticed a lot of different game types. Scenario, Team vs Team etc. And those are simple enough. But Tug of War seems weird. I know what classic tug of war is with a rope and a line if you cross you lose, but I have doubts that is what a tug of war game mode is. So what is a Tug of War game all about?
Tug of War (ToW) is a skirmish game with only one "flag" that needs to be transported to your homebase. The "flag" is typically a large and/or heavy item that may require the complete focus of a single person to carry, or more than one person to carry. It is typically placed mid-field (or a location equal distance from both homebases). If the person carrying the "flag" is hit, he is dead, must drop the "flag" immediately, and must return to the respawn point before returning to the field. The "flag" can change hands frequently, and skirmishes to control it can get pretty hectic. The game is called ToW because you're trying to "pull" the flag into your homebase.

Field size usually depend on how many are playing per side. The game emphasizes coordinated movement, and offensive/defensive tactics while on the move.
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