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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Looking through game threads. I've noticed a few things

1. If a game allows someone my age to play does my guardian have to come with me or can I just bring a note saying its ok?

2. I've noticed a lot of different game types. Scenario, Team vs Team etc. And those are simple enough. But Tug of War seems weird. I know what classic tug of war is with a rope and a line if you cross you lose, but I have doubts that is what a tug of war game mode is. So what is a Tug of War game all about?
1) Signatures can easily be forged. But that said you'd kind of need a ride to the field. It really depends on host though. Some will say it's alright but others will require parent/guardian to be on site just for liability reasons if anything. They also don't like being "babysitters" so at least if your parents dropped you off and chatted with them for a bit and stayed for a few gamedays then they might let your parents just drop you off and go shopping or w/e.

2) I suspect it's either a "flag push" type game (push your flag to opponents side of the field) or maybe a "zombie" type game (2 or more teams try to kill players and any players that get hit join the team that shot them and they can go back and forth not like a zombie game where killed players are permanently zombies. ie. 4 teams of 4 players the goal is to kill other teams players to get your team stronger and eliminate all other teams by taking their members). Really I don't know what a "tug of war" game is but I would think it sound like one of the above two game types I've mentioned.... But TBH you'll learn the rules of it on the day of so don't worry.

EDIT: I don't think I said it yet but if you didn't say your age I would have honestly thought you were either a really smart 17 year old (ie. actually listens to advice and doesn't QQ about stuff), or 20+. Good job with that keep it up and I'm sure that your local players will have no problem having you join in their games.
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