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I dunno if there are assigned or not never really thought of looking.. I'm sure there are specific slings but I haven't been able to find one .. I just did the little sling mod to mine because i love the magpul ms2 sling and ritz is right there are silencers made but extremely rare .. And I forot to add they are specific for the three lugbarrel that is on the mp9... I would take the KWA over the KSC anyway .. Unless you want trades.. The taiwan version has both but is a bit more pricy and I think a little rarer if I'm not mistaken.. Trades are not important to me anyway...

As for the Adaptor for a 14 mm silencer you would have to manufacture your own.. One guy in the states did this and it looks awsome. I would suggest taking a look at the mp9 section in the kwausa forum it is packed with info on the mp9 (

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