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I see this as another tax grab in the sense that finds will ensue to those possessing realistic colored airsoft guns. This is university stupid, people will paint them and then will be charged! This is one of the dumbest ideas I heard of in a long time and since it's governmental that's saying a lot! People custom paint their guns everyday of the week, parents just don't want to take responsibility for little Jimmy, they'd rather stick him in front of the tv and hope the hell he'll turn out alright; having pink or green guns (like in the UK) won't change a thing as to people buying them (sales will drop but people will adjust). 99% of airsofters are responsible people, why should the masses pay the price for the few. Make it simple, a crime committed with anything resembling a firearms (I don't care if it's a cardboard cutout!) should be processed as a real steel crime period rather than a slap on the wrist, people choose to commit crime and should be punished accordingly. Zero tolerance applies here, hell the system is corrupt enough as it is and it's a gracious waste of tax payers $$ to separate people based on what they used.....They made their choice so let them pay for the crime.
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