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Yep, thought of using sonic peaks to estimate velocity. Only problem is that I don't have the equipment (mics) or software to run that test.

The coke can test is a "quick & dirty" to guesstimate the velocity and install an appropriate spring. The test can only determine a range of velocities (your +/- variance) and I'm ok with that for the time being. Until I can get a quality chrono, it's better to be low than high, imo.

... Or I could just install a M100 spring and leave it at that.
Gah! I'm being an idiot today!! I DO have pickup mics lying around. Thank you, Mom, for leaving all your karaoke crap behind when you moved to the Left Coast.

Which leads to the next question...

At what point for the gun is the initial sound generated - piston chamber or muzzle? This would affect the setup. (I would think sound would initiate at the piston, but I could be wrong.)
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