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Originally Posted by TraumaGuy View Post
I have purchased a few items from them.

Up side(s); great store to deal with, customer service was top notch, awesome selection of items. Down side(s); they ONLY ship to Canada using UPS -- which was a tad expensive with all the "hidden" fees. For one deal, I purchased an IFAK from them. The kit was like $35 USD, then another $48 on top of that for shipping/handling/UPS customs fees. Wasn't happy with that.

On a side note, this place is no where near Ft. Bragg. Not even in the same state. But I suppose 4 hours is closer from NC to SC than we are here in Canada.

Thanks! Yeah, I got his station wrong - He's at Ft. Jackson. Duh. Colour me .

I fully expect fees - I HATE dealing with UPS - but they have some sweet, sweet equipment, fully stocked and ready to ship. And their selection of boots looks great!
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