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I am not particularly a fan of Canada Post, though I would much rather deal with them than UPS. UPS bends me over every time. I live in Kingston Ontario and I ordered some things from Airsoft GI. Airsoft GI charges me 20$ for shipping, then when the crap gets to my door UPS charges me another 20 friggin bucks for applicable duties and taxes etc.

Canada Post does not deliver to my door, well it depends on what kind of mood they are in I guess. I live in a neighbourhood with a community mail box and they sometimes put my packages in the box or they say that they tried to deliver it and no one answered, which wasn't the truth whatsoever.

The other day I have been awaiting a package and it finally got t my door on Friday. They actually delivered it to my front door but when the box was in my brothers hands she said paperwork doesn't indicate that you owe any money for this but I know you do. She took the package back, gave my brother a slip saying on it that she tried to deliver and no one answered, no mention of any money owing on it whatsoever and said to come to the post office after 4pm and pick it up. I show up at 6, give them my slip and guess what, package hasn't returned yet come back tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday and post office isnt open. They tell me to come back Monday..its a damn holiday....DAMN YOU CANADA POST.
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