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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Actually no, a metal body isn't a metal body.

There's SEVERAL different grades of material. I don't have a tonne of ICS experience, but I seem to recall something about their M4 metal bodies not being to aftermarket spec.
Yes, there are different levels of quality of metal bodies. My point was that metal is better then plastic. I've never touted the quality of ICS. My whole mention of it can be summed up with if you want full metal but can't afford something better then it's an option, that's all.

Originally Posted by kiru View Post
That is very true. ICS can get very annoying when replacing parts or even adding accessories on it (ex: sling backplate, tappet plates, hop up, etc) as many of the guns is specced for their own parts/replacement. And if you want to use aftermarket parts you'd have to do quite a bit of modding.
I did mention/warn that ICS goes it's own way internally so upgrading will be difficult.

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