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Can I bring these things into Canada?

I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

A little background: I used to play airsoft until about 6 years ago, but I moved to Japan 5 years ago. While in Japan I've managed to accumulate quite a few guns, but sadly because of where I live I never managed to get to a single game here.

Anyway, TLDR.

I've read the "importing airsoft" sticky, and mostly I'm aware of the kinds of things I can/can't ship to Canada. However, there are a couple parts that I hoped for clarification on.
  • M4 buffer tube
  • charging handle/mag release, forward assist, fire selector
  • replica Magpul stock
  • 10-inch Noveske-style rail system, with associated outer/inner barrel
  • dummy MBITR radio with whip antenna
  • a couple of Marui 1911 mags

I also just wanted to make sure that trying to ship these things back would likely result in seizure:
  • metal upper/lower for M4
  • replica suppressor

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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