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Carefull where that thought train leads. You're saying that something real should be restricted because of fears that it may be misused.

I'm saying that it will be misused one way or the other, and restricting an object only restricts it from those who wouldn't be inclined to misuse it in the first place. Those who are inclined to misuse it won't listen anyway.

To you bear analogy, I don't fear the bears in the park. I have a gun. If you had a gun, you wouldn't fear them either. Do you restrict the bear from being in the park, or prohibit the ability to protect yourself from the bear? Is the bear going to listen to your arguments that it's not supposed to be there?

If your wife hates your airsoft guns because she thinks they look too real, you have to ask why she hates guns in the first place. Then educate her on why those fears are irrational.

Guns kill people. So do cars. So do kitchen knives. She's not afraid of a kitchen knife, so why is she afraid of a gun?

Is it because "guns serve no purpose other than to kill?" Guns also prevent people from being killed. This is proven. Gun crimes are far more prevalent in jurisdictions that prohibit, regulate or otherwise restrict firearms.
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what if it model after his?

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