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Why it's BS?
- Criminals can paint their guns in any of these bright colors to reduce the likeliness of getting shot themselves. There has been robberies where real guns had orange tips.

- When you're living in CA, it's veeeery easy to travel 45mins to get into Arizona and buy your airsoft guns.

- The point of airsoft over paintball is at least 75% (varies depending on the individual) because of the realism. Bright colors takes it out.

- Cant be painted on - just like here kids buy clearsoft and paint them over... oh yes, kids should't do that. But they still do it anyway. Will it be the same in California? Yes.
Same for robbers. They'll just buy the clear one + krylon for 5 bucks more, and voilą.

- It will cost many jobs. California has probably highest number of airsoft stores in the US plus the many airsoft-only fields or the paintball/airsoft fields that will see much less players because of the now total lack of any kind of realism

And again - CRIMINALS DON'T FOLLOW THE F!CKING LAW. If they go as far as robbing a store... do you really think that painting a clearsoft will give them a second though? I don't think so. They'll just paint their clearsoft and rob more people.

These are the first things that came to my mind I'm sure I could find many more.
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