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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I'm a lefty and I just learned to accept it and figure out a way for me to change mags and all that. So instead of pressing the mag release on an M4 with my right hand, my right hand from the front stock lets go of the fore stock and goes to do a "beer can grip" on the mag in a "thumbs up position", with thumb pressing the mag release then dropping mag into dump pouch and getting fresh mag from vest.
Righties use that mag swap technique also. I use it on live-fire courses to swap out mags while moving between stations & remaining "hot". Time is a component of your score, and running dry while midway through a course won't help your score.

If you have an ambi mag release, you can do a fast swap - pull your fresh mag and bring it up, grab the spent mag with your spare fingers, release spent mag with opposing index and pull it out, swap spent with fresh then tap your bolt release, dump spent in pouch. This will minimize the time without ammo in your rifle. Also works well with pistols.
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