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...sorry for the double post - but I figured I may as well post the entire section of that memo..

Originally Posted by CBSA MEMORANDUM D19-13-2
53. The following are additional inferences that could be
made to suggest a device to be considered a replica firearm.
They are not in themselves necessary considerations for a
replica firearm determination:
(a) weight (whether it does feel realistic in weight or
whether it is considered “too light”);
(b) fabrication materials (whether it is fabricated in
metal, plastic or any other type of casting). For
example: some handguns (e.g., GLOCK pistols) are
polymer-framed and/or use other non-metallic
(c) whether the parts move or are in a “functioning
state” (e.g., slides moving back and forth, cylinder
rotating in a model revolver, etc.);
(d) colour (e.g., orange tip, pink or blue colours). Real
firearms can come in designer colours and/or with
painted tips.
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