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Simple rebuttal if someone grabs for something hidden in a police confrontation do you think they're going to check it out or shoot to neutralize what is a perceived threat?

You could easily be shot for pulling out a banana from your coat pocket if the situation is tense and police are on high alert. And bananas last time I checked (if they're still fresh) are yellow or yellow and slightly green. It's not like the officer is going to be like "oh hes pulling out something yellow, it must be a banana". If it's even remotely gun shaped they will see it as a threat and neutralize the target.

Really this is more of a reactive solution than a proactive solution. And I'm a fan of being proactive and nipping small problems in the bud before they become a bigger problem over a reactive knee jerk solution.

EDIT: Note that this all came about as a result of some fecking 13 year old who was shot by police and the media and parents and stuff QQ'ing about it then lobbying for shit.
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