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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
I was recently talking about this bill with a friend of mine and after lots of discussion its kinda hard to argue against it when you weigh the pros vs cons...

sure, I dont want to play airsoft with some pink or light blue gun, but at what cost? for our personal enjoyment? because games are more fun when the guns look real?

its hard to argue against that...

and the points such as: its going to be hard to tell the difference between toy guns and airsoft guns and being unsafe for kids is a real stretch...

1. where are kids getting these guns from when you have to be over 18 to purchase them?

2. if a parent is so neglectful that they dont pay attention to something like a airsoft gun in a kids toybox then airsoft is the least of that kids problems growing up...

I want to argue for airsoft, Im just having a hard time... help me out on this one...
Because it's another ignorant law that punishes only the law abiding and does nothing to address any issue whereby people might be using airsoft to commit crimes. If people are willing to paint over/remove orange tips to commit crime then they will be willing to paint over a pink gun to commit crime. Period.

This law does nothing but make frightened people feel slightly placated and damage business and the enjoyment of honest people and as such as no social merit.

Did that help you understand?

A law that MIGHT work would be stiffer penalties for people caught using airsoft in the commission of a crime, if people start getting long sentences and hard labour (which is sorely missing from modern criminal justice) for these crimes it could have a deterring factor. Again this depends on the notion that desperate / criminal minded people would consider the repercussions of their actions.

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