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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Write about unicorns, or rainbows, or unicorns that shit rainbows, but don't ever for a second even consider bringing up airsoft or anything gun related in highschool.
Too late.

I presented my project infront of the judges, and I'm pretty sure I 'll get accepted. The only thing was that I need a more specific ''ÚnoncÚ'' to talk about. One of the judges gave the exemple of Canada sending troops to Afghanistan and me being against it, and then I have to proove why and blabla. Anyway, they seemed to be pretty okay with the ''airsoft'' thing, and I learned that during a previous year, someone already made an essay about are airsoft, saying that it isn't dangerous because most of those who practice this sport are responsable players who have already many rules (like wear eye protection, etc.) established and so on. It will probablu be accepted and I'll have to do it next year.

But to do it, I'll need as many as you can find websites, sources, books, draws, ANYTHING you can find about airsoft linked with Canada's laws and legal status, anything. I'll talk about the fact that people who aren't familiar with this hobbie (and maybe even those who are) think it's dangerous and that it should be abolished, or that we should have more strict laws about it, and I'll try to prove that it's wrong with various things I can find. But for that I'll need your help. This project requires me to find a resource person who can help me the whole time with my project, give me reference and everything. It should be someone familiar enough with the laws regarding airsoft or anything, and who can inform me more about it.

Just PM me if you're interested and we'll arrange ourselves. We got the forum to communicate. Msn as well. Thank you

As for the project, I needed an objective I'm trying to achieve by doing it, so I can't just do or write about anything. My objective is to respond to the following question : Should we or not keep legal airsofting in Canada, and make more strict laws about it? (sounds much better in french than in english lol).

It seems that I wasn't clear enough when I explained how this project works earlier. My essay will talk about airsofts, and the question I just said, and it will be a 4000 words essay. The analysis of the project will explain how I mad my project, and how I achieved my goal, and how I respect the Interaction areas (some IEP stuff) and so on, and it will be a 2000-4000 words text. Also, I was told that I need a way to publish my essay to the community, but I have no idea how to. THey said Internet isn't enough, so I'll need some help about that.

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