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Well they f'd up yet again. I have been home sick for the last 2 weeks and I just got a final notice to pick up my package. She supposedly made a delivery attempt on a day when I was home with my daughter, but best of all she dropped the package at a post office in Whitby when I live at the Courtice/Oshawa border. I never even got a delivery notice. So now it is going to cost me a few hours and at least $6 for the bus to go get it. And all I get when I called was oh I am so sorry, that shouldn't happen we will have a manager contact you. The same line I have been getting for the last year and a manager has never contacted me.
I called a friend that works for Can Post and all he said was it shouldnt be happening, and if a manager doesn't contact me in a day to call and write my Ombisman. If they go on strike I am going to go laugh at them, they don't earn what they get now, why should they get more. My bills are the only thing I ever get on time, I have no problems with my letter carrier.
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