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Originally Posted by Sportco View Post
I agree with you guys...

I was meerly stating a fact... a lot of the people who define themselves has snipers are nothing more than lone wolf marksman that dont bother with trivial things like tactics and game objectives.

Point to case most game have to "force" the sniper 2 men team concept on people ((a staple to intel gathering capability)) I would be curious to see how much time is spent during airsoft sniper course on actual grid positionning, ennemy force capability assessment, geographical mouvement extrapolation and efficient "real time" intel and sitrep transmissions.

These guys will spend all day by themselves playing in marging of the game... one comment from the secret service was that any man working alone and willing to get captures or shot get can get to anyone... there is nothing that can efficently stop i'm, eventually... he will get a window...

Compare this to static indoors players who camp a crack in a wall and think they ares great players because they got 8 peoples in that match AND didnt get shot one!!!

So my comment stands... many lone wolves... few snipers... some people would profit greatly from using the SDM fonction as teething ground before they are set free to act as actuel sniper teams

Actually most of the BA qualification course is focused on safety. Due to the increased risk of injury to others. The biggest concerns for the instructors are proper range estimation and knowing your rifle. If it looks to close, it is. In fact the instructors go in to great detail about your FPS and BB weight combination and how is affects joules of impact and range. (ie. how far it goes and how hard it hits when it gets there)

That said the course does cover topics such as history, body positioning, tactics, gear, comms and target identification/recognition. But those are just brief overviews meant to give you some background info. It is up to the shooter to decide how far they wish to take each subject.

So, don't get snipy about the course. Its purpose is to make sure a shooter can handle the weapon. not to teach trade craft.

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