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Ya I can shoot with my right too, just find it hard as hell to use sights cause I find my left eye is stronger than my right, dominant I think is the correct term.

EDIT: Seeing as I'm gona buy BDUs, boots etc, before I buy my gun, I hope to get a few games in before my birthday then get AV'd and look at the classified b4 making a purchase from either Retailers or other players. I want to discuss gear.

Personally I like CADPAT, but while peeking around the forums people seem to say it sounds nice and all, but MARPAT woodland is better for blending with cover. Desert obviously seems to be a bad choice (especially in southern Ontario) and Urban seems to have limited use so isn't multi-use practical (I know budget is nice and large for a beginner, buts it is what I can spend NOT what I want to spend). And I see radio's are handy little gadget, recommendations?

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