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Originally Posted by The Chad View Post
VA is awesome. Sorry to hear about your experience but I'm sure you understand that not every retailer is a full-timer. This is a hobby for them too so sites may not be 100% up to date.

I don't know what I would do without these Canadian retailers.
Not all the retailers fault but maybe their suppliers. If the retailer puts in their order and it doesn't come in it creates a back log.

When you have a lot of money on the line in an order it is easy to get nervous. Especially when there is a lack of information on the status of your order. I was the one that had to go ask about the status before I was given information, no one told me. A simple email saying there is a delay with back log would have solved it I think. That is all I'm saying I guess. I just posted in-case anyone else hadn't heard about their order as well.

No big deal everything is fine now that I found out what happened and order has been shipped.

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