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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
Since when peoples try to shove their opinion on a rifle down your throat?
Peoples can like whatever they like... just ignore them.

I myself like all guns... and see good point in almost all of them
I was playing call of duty the other day. So I was chatting along with the guys on my team and we got into a conversation about airsoft.

So they asked me what my favorite airsoft guns are. I said I like the airsoft version of the FAL the MP7 and glocks are quite nice.

Their response was why don't you like the M4. I told them that I prefer rifles that fire a larger caliber than 5.56, and I'm not a fan of guns that claim to be revolutionary space weapons that never need to be cleaned. (which is what colt said about the M16 when they first made it.)

They then proceeded to call me a bunch of names and say that my choice of a rifle sucks because the real steel version does not have full auto. Nor is it something that the Americans have ever used.

Apparently Call of duty is now an excellent tool to gather info about guns. Because the FAL in them is semi auto and is only used by the bad guys.

So that's the main reason why I can't stand M whatever after 14 They aren't bad guns and they are accurate and light but I just don't like them.
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