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Ive never seen one site/retailer/distributor whos online stock has been up to date without actually contacting them first and ive been dealing with em on a business level for the last 5 years.

As wrong as it is, its a reality of any online store, and something you cant really get around.

Call em up or contact them first before you send the money to ensure stock. If they dont have it after that, then it is 100% onus on the retailer.

Im currently dealing with a large dispute with Ebaybanned airsoft. I had confirmed that they had all the products in stock before the purchase, yet they lied to my face about it. The problem here is that they shipped me all the accessories for the product, but not the product itself and they want to only refund me for the product, while i get stuck with 20 useless customized for that product accessories.

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