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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Give you a suggestion that you won't regret

Stop worry about if its metal or plastic, start question the quality the metal/ plastic

Low-grade aluminum are piece of crap, in general Die-cast metal will break on brittle part quite fast -even if its die cast aluminum (and bunch of other crap) like G&P. Typically the 'better' ones are CNC aluminum (t6061 is common one) forged or stamped steel/aluminum. However, those are bloddy expensive
Plastic are known to flex or crack in low temperature, look for fibre reinforced polymer or nylon fibre etc Those are better. Examples of those are CA, ARES, and WE G36

For durability of material I would pick, (given they're all top notch manufacture) [example given in bracket]
Stamp Steel[RS Type 56 or LCT AKs]> Forged Aluminum[RS M16 or Ino GBBR]> CNC Aluminum[Prime Metal body]>Fibre-Reinforced Polymer[RS,ARES,CA polymer gun]>Die Cast Zinc-Aluminum[G&P]>Die Cast Potmetal[KSC,KJW]> Plastic[TM, JG, G36]
Where does Systema fall into the list?
What you want and what you can get are 2 different things...
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