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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
It's OK but no it's crap. It's like that 1 quid BB pistol thing I bought 2 weeks ago. It was cheap and I had some laughs with it for a few days then it broke and I tossed it in the rubbish bin.

Also most recently there was an incident in California where a 13 year old kid was shot by police. If that can happen to that kid in the US it can happen to you too. There's been multiple incidents with ERT/RCMP armed response being deployed and incidents with SWAT teams deployed in the US. Don't fuck around. Also I think police here are trained to aim for body mass and neutralize any threats rather than attempting to disarm/incapacitate the threat like in the US (someone back me up on this one? or is it I just watch too many movies?).
You are correct, Police shoot to kill. They will treat any calls about kids with guns as if they were real. Airsoft guns ARE NOT TOYS! You wouldn't run around your backyard with real guns so don't do it with airsoft guns.
Stick to Nerf.
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