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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
You guys seem to say not to buy them from an Airsoft store, why is that?
Do you buy your weekly groceries from the corner store? Chances are you don't. You usually go to Sobeys, Safeway, Superstore, or something like that. You will buy groceries from the cornerstore when you've got people coming over in half an hour and you need a loaf of bread, some milk, eggs, and softdrinks.

It's basically not very economical to buy stuff like that from airsoft stores. They're perfectly fine brands and stuff (nothing wrong with what they stock) but there is a "convenience markup" since you're getting all this stuff from one place instead of driving around the city piecemealing parts and also airsoft shops don't get nearly the same volume and customers as RC shops can so they can't really offer the best prices (compare 1000 chargers from DuraTrax to an RC store vs. 5 or 10 of the same charger at an airsoft store).
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